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    Clip Browser is cool app on iPhone that make you can watch video from many websites. and many websites use flash to show their video that make iPhone cannot watch them. but, Clip browser can analysis them to find video source that they show on flash!! and more, Clip Browser can download any video that Clip Browser can analysis and you can watch them later or sync to iTunes.

    Let's take a look to Watch Series Online Free. this site have flash video that iPhone cannot watch them but Clip Browser can make it happen!!

    if that page have videos that Clip Browser can watch, Clip Indicator Button will enable to tab. then tab it!!

    Select which one of video you want to watch

    you can watch or download it when tab to the video

    now, you can watch them

    or, you can download them to watch later

    and you can see the status of downloader at menu -> downloader

    you can download Clip Browser by click the link above of this
    Clip Browser (for iPhone)
    Clip Browser (for iPad) <<== Now, this application is not available. they waiting for review by apple to process to Appstore (June, 21 2010)
    Clip Browser Lite (for iPhone) <<== you can try Clip Browser by this App with cut off some features such downloader, bookmark, history storing, multi-tab browser. and Ads will show on button screen of App.

    More Important. you can check for Clip Browser supported websites at
    Clip Browser - Afternoon Tea Break, Inc. 2011
    06-21-2011 06:43 AM