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    Hi all,

    JellyFish Studio is proud to announce you the release of DrawItOnce on 16 May.
    I'm developer and designer of the game.
    The game is based on the Euler theory, you need to do the shapes without passing twice on a line.. simple concept but difficult to realize.

    Guide Oshi to freedom by solving the levels.
    Oshi is locked in the maze of the world and wants to go to heaven.


    The goal is to solve each level by passing each line once.
    Tap the points or swipe the lines to resolve the level.
    When passing a line and point it will get colored.
    You can gain bonus-points or bonus-seconds when solving the level fast.

    DrawItOnce is 4 games in 1.
    When bored in one game you can challenge yourself in the next one.


    + Practice: Unlock each level by playing without any stress of scoring.
    + Classic: Lose a life when the level is blocked or reset. Gain bonus points when finishing the level in a fast way.
    + Time Attack: Try to solve the level within the timeframe. Lose a life if you are blocked , the time is passed, or the level is reset.
    + G-Time Attack: Solve as much levels in 120 seconds. Gain bonus seconds when level is solved in a fast way.



    - 84 levels within 6 themes
    - Colorful levels adapted to each theme
    - 4 games in 1
    - Save your score locally
    - Compare yourself with the best in each game mode on the in-game global high score list
    - Share your score with you friends on Facebook


    LINK:DrawItOnce for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Lite version:
    This version has 20 levels in 1 game mode (practice).
    10 brand new levels in a complete new universe not present on the full version.
    Discover it now on the AppStore!

    LINK LITE: DrawItOnce Lite for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
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    Great game!
    06-21-2011 01:57 PM