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    Icon Skins Pro is an app from the Lifestyle category which you can use to customize your device’s display by using a great collection of themes, skins, backgrounds and app shelves.
    You can use it to personalize your iPhone, adding color to your screen and showing off your personality, taste and perceptions.

    After the last update the app now has over 500 unique Icon Skins, Icon Shelves and Matching Lock Screens. Version 2.1 added matching Lock Screens for the existing Icon Skins, more cool Icon Shelves and a new batch of Icon Skins.

    A high-quality app has a full feature-set, whether it’s a game or a complex navigational GPS program. From customizable elements to using the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer and touch screen, to sounds and volume, the features of the application are the first sign of a developer’s commitment to his or her product.
    The Icon Skins Pro application features, as they are presented in the description on iTunes, are the following:
    * 500 Unique Icon Skins, Icon Shelves,Themes and Backgrounds
    * Amazing Graphics for Iphone 4 , Iphone and Ipod Touch
    * Bookmark your favorite skin
    * Table of Content
    * Save Image to your library
    * Email Sending and Facebook Posting
    * Frequent Updates and Upgrades

    While features are important to an app, an easy-to-use interface is just as crucial. Apple’s hallmark style includes an intuitive user interface. The controls for an application should be easy to understand and simple to use without requiring a lot of additional direction from the programmer. It really doesn’t matter how neat the idea behind the app is: if you struggle with the interface, you’re not going to use it.
    The instructions for Icon Skins Pro are also presented on iTunes:
    1. Swipe through the icon skins and choose your favorite image.
    2. Press the More button and choose Save to Photo Library.
    3. After this just go to your phone’s library find your saved picture and press Use as Wallpaper.
    It’s a known fact that a visually appealing program increases its value as well as shows off the beautiful touchscreen of the iPhone. Style of the graphics is a different element than quality. If the app is advertised as a retro-style game, the graphics should represent a retro style throughout the program, but if an app were supposed to be an elegant Zen garden the comic style of a retro game would be inappropriate. The images should also be well thought out and professionally rendered throughout the software. Amateurish graphics will become annoying and will cause you to quickly lose interest in the app. Graphics are the eye-candy of this mobile app as it presents a great collection of themes, skins, backgrounds and app shelves you can use to personalize your iPhone, adding color to your screen.
    All of the previously mentioned pieces - graphics, the full feature-set, easy-to-use interface- are important and desirable in a quality app, but stability is the key to the whole operation. If the program continually locks up your iPhone or iPod touch causing it to freeze or restart, it’s certain to be discarded rapidly. Icon Skins Pro is very stable and it doesn’t crash.
    The apps’ size is 75.8 MB and the price is 0.99 $. As a conclusion, the Icon Skins Pro is worth its money. You can download it on iTunes.
    06-20-2011 04:21 AM