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    The Signaler app opens a new channel of communication via iDevices without the need for WiFi, 3G, or Bluetooth.

    How is that possible? It is actually very simple.

    When confronted with a situation where spoken communication is not possible due to obstacles such as a dense crowd, intense noise, or the need for silence, you can still get your message across via Signaler. Just type it in, shake your iDevice to display the message in large text, and hold it up to get your message to its intended recipient! Simple and Effective!

    App features:

    ⁕ Works on the iPad and iPhone/iPodTouch
    ⁕ While entering text, you can see exactly how it will looks on full screen
    ⁕ All messages stored in the app until you delete them
⁕ You can enter unlimited number of messages

    ⁕ Each message may contain an unlimited number of pages

    ⁕ Each page may have a unique text color and background image

    There are a lot of circumstances, when Signaler is very useful or even indispensable to life.
    For instance:

    Communicating in a crowd
    At sports events (both between fans and between a coach and sportsmen)
    Before an audience at presentations, lectures, etc.
    In emergencies, when other connections unavailable
    Teaching children to read and write
    Language learning tool (in class and as flash cards tool) 

    How it works:
    Video tutorial at support site:

    10 FREE PROMO CODES available on request by e-mail:help [at]
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