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    Brief Description

    Meporter, a local mobile newsdesk for professional and citizen journalists, launched yesterday at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City. The company is one of 29 startups selected to launch during the event's Startup Battlefield.

    The location-based news app allows users to pinpoint news as it's happening in a local community, down to the street level. Eyewitnesses to breaking news can use Meporter to report on anything from weather and traffic, to nightlife, local politics, dining and entertainment, professional sporting events or their kid's little league game. Stories can be shared within the Meporter community or with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

    App Description

    Everyone knows that nothing gets stale as fast as yesterdays news. Welcome to Meporter, a location-based news app that enables you to write, photograph and video your local news as it breaks. But thats not all. Meporter makes the stories available to anyone in the world with a mobile phone or an Internet connection.

    When you witness breaking news anything from weather to traffic, from nightlife to local politics, from a hot new restaurant to a cool new real estate opportunity simply use your iPhone or your iPod Touch to take a picture or make a video, write up your story, add a headline, and post it for the world to see.

    Out-anchor your local news anchor!

    With Meporter you can post and distribute news live, on location. Capture whats happening from professional sports to your kids little league game, from concerts and festivals to car wrecks and crimes.

    If its news to you and youre there, you can let the world know whats happening. Post about items for sale, new styles and trends, local politics, area businesses, yard sales in progress, traffic conditions anything thats happening in your neck of the woods.

    Students can use Meporter to spread the word about science projects, sports and other school events.

    Say youre driving through town and you witness news happening an accident, a tornado, a fire or even a crime in progress. Snap a picture or record a video, create a headline and write the news story (theres no character limit). Then, simply log into Meporter to confirm your location. Select a category for your story and in just seconds you can publish it as local news on your Facebook news feed, your Twitter account, as well as on Meporter.

    Readers will see your location, comment on stories and check in as eyewitnesses. If theyre on the spot too, they can post more about the story as events unfold.

    Best of all, Meporter keeps it real by allowing reporters to post local news and readers to post comments only if they are on location!

    Meporter is your beat on the street. News categories include:

    * Opinion
    * Entertainment
    * Announcements
    * Traffic
    * Nightlife & Events
    * Science & Tech
    * Sports
    * Crime
    * Classifieds
    * Weather
    * Restaurants
    * Style
    * Politics & Government
    * Odd News
    * Real Estate
    * Health
    * Travel

    The app allows you to create a Meporter profile that others can view. While anyone online can follow your stories, only people in your area can comment on your breaking news. Meanwhile, you can stay better informed by adding your friends news stories to your Meporter feed as well. You can add your Facebook friends, Meporter contacts and Twitter followers to your newsfeeds. Plus, news junkies around the world can keep up and stay informed. When and if content is inappropriate, readers can simply flag the story. Flagged posts are subject to review and cancellation by Meporter staff.

    When you post local news on Meporter you earn "press passes" rewards for posting your first story, posting to specific categories and more. Be a newsie, collect Meporter press passes and gain street cred.

    Why wait for details at 11 when you can show the world whats happening where you are, in real time, as events unfold!

    Show off your reporting skills. Be your own local news desk. Meporter puts you in the reporters seat!
    06-15-2011 12:44 PM