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    Hey all. I have just updated the FingerEscaper to version 1.2.

    (Not only the intro of the game but also a lot of dev stuff there, I hope it's useful for you)

    App Description:
    Watch out!
    Put your finger on the screen, and let's escape now!

    Simple and still simple!

    The goal of this game is ultimatly simple:
    "Run away from all the enemies trying to catch you from all over the screen!"

    The game control:
    1.Put your finger on the screen to start escape
    2.Lift your finger to pause a escape at any time
    3.Put your finer back again to resume the escape

    Simple but thrilling!

    Imagine tons of enemies chasing at you in one wave after another, the longer you survive the tougher it gets!

    Simple but explorable!

    Different kinds of enemies with different characteristic, different kinds of items with different effects, the longer you survive the more you'll be able to see!

    Simple but challengeable!

    Openfeint and Gamecenter fully integrated, try to be the "one finger" who survives till the last.

    Simple and something only in ipad version!

    Bigger screen, more enemies, enhanced game feeling and that's not all, the ipad version supports a multi-game mode (up to 4 players) in a single device which means that you can play with your family or friends together at the same time!

    Simple but keep improving!

    Every version is a new start, every version has something new for you!

    v1.1 new features:
    1.Openfeint leaderboard, achievement support added
    2.Game balance adjusted (according to the user's suggestion to improve the game pace)
    3.Local leaderboard sort bug fixed

    v1.2 new features:
    1.GameCenter leaderboard, achievement support added
    2.GameCenter offline mode support added (no worry for losing your score and achievements)
    3.Openfeint challenge support added (challenge your friends any time your want)
    4.Local score saveing bug fixed

    v1.3 new features (in progress):
    1.GameCenter matchmaking support add
    2.New enemies coming
    3.New game mode coming

    v1.X new features (in plan):

    Our mobile game philosophy is: the user experience and the simplicity comes first!

    Now enough for talking, let's escape!!!

    Screen shots:

    Download link:
    FingerEscaperHD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Hope you all enjoy playing this game and I would appreciate if you can leave a review
    06-14-2011 11:28 AM
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    try it first..
    06-16-2011 03:09 AM
  3. supergluestudio's Avatar
    try it first..
    Me Too! It looks cool!
    06-18-2011 02:35 PM