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    Hello, everyone, our new game Drag It , which is a totally 5 starred game by almost all reviewers, is now available on App Store!

    Thank you for attention!

    Here is a review, thanks CygnetSeven from TA for so highly praise!

    Wow. Great mechanics, cute characters with funny voices. A ton of levels. At first I was a little confused on how to operate the mechanics due to all the comparisons to Wire Way but I really think this stands more on it's own merit. I love Wire Way and Parachute Ninja but the mechanics of this is different where the wires are stiff and you are manipulating the joints rather than stretching the wires. Beyond that each 'platform' has a number of stars to collect in a certain amount of time. Different wires come into play with different characteristics and new obstacles to avoid.
    This is a great buy at $1 for someone looking for a physics based puzzle substitution for Angry Birds. For a first game from the developers I say this game is fun, fresh, original, challenging and very creative in it's approach. The game is easily worth $2 and highly recommended at $1! Well done.
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    Game Trailer Link:
    06-14-2011 06:49 AM
  2. IceSmile's Avatar
    Cute game! Nice picture, excellent music!
    06-17-2011 03:09 AM
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    MysPuppy is a good game development group from my homecity. Good job!
    06-18-2011 02:21 PM