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    Hi everybody,
    We are proud to announce the release of Happy Pillars a cheerful, simple and addictive puzzle game. A the first game designed by the actual George. It features 4 game modes, 4 delightful backdrops and a lot of block matching gameplay.

    Happy Pillars Itunes

    Simply swipe and connect the matching smiles, feelings or thoughts to conquer new heights with every level. The more smiles you connect in one place the more powerful they become and you will get a bigger bonus. No moves left? No worry! You can embrace them and move on.

    ★ Incredibly simple and fast paced gameplay
    ★ A Delightful Experience for Everyone: from gamers to complete newcomers
    ★ Beautiful crisp graphics for Retina display
    ★ 4 sweet backdrops that change according to time
    ★ Relaxing background music and sounds
    ★ Facebook or Twitter integration.
    ★ 3 fast Against The Clock game modes plus a relaxing and more puzzling Endless one

    To celebrate the release of Happy Pillars we are having a big sale on both connections to George:
    - Contact George (from 0.99$ to FREE)
    - Contact George Pro (from 1.99$ to 0.99$)

    Happy Pillars: Happy Pillars (by George) Contact George
    George Dupp FB: George B. Dupp | Facebook

    Try it Free now, we would love to hear your feedback. We are already working on a new arcade mode for the game and would love to hear your ideas.

    Thank you
    06-12-2011 05:04 AM
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    We could review this app for you over at http://cultiphone.com if you'd like. Just email us reviews@cultiphone.com with all the info

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    06-12-2011 10:38 AM