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    WorkTracer -- ToDo+Report

    Did YOU want to track your work and keep everything on target?
    Did YOU want to automatically generate status report and send to managers?
    Did YOU want to know how hard you have worked for past period?
    Check this app out!!
    Very powerful and easy-to-use task manager and organizer. It helps to handle the task related to work and generate status report for you just by a simple click.
    COOL Features:
    - Task Management
    Manage tasks with priority and status, sorted by created date and priority. Make you easy to understand TODOs.

    - Powerful new task
    Can specify the priority, category, status and due date when creating a new task.

    - Status Report
    Generate the status report for a period time and can send the report by mail. Super easy way to summarize the works and let your manager to know it

    - Statistic Report
    Summarize the statistic for tasks, an overall summary for all your tasks and last week.

    Enjoy WorkTracer, make work easier and happier.
    06-12-2011 01:53 AM