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    Try the lite version of Wolfdad Blow
    - Absolute new creativity, Absolute new fun, Absolute new experience.
    - Four types of wolf heroes.
    - Warm and bright game.
    - Quick pick up, one action, no words.
    - Over 100 levels in full version.
    1. The top 5 people who finished the lite version will gain the "full version promo code". Please take a photo on the last level when you finish it, and post it in this thread.

    2. If you write review about this lite version, we will send you full version promo code. The top 10 reviews will gain the promo code. Please pm me your nickname in itunes when you finish it.
    itunes:Wolfdad lite for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Story (international practices):
    All sheep got a fever, they changed dangerous, even attacked a peaceful wolves family. Now, the wolfdad used power of thought to attract some snow, the family must healing sheep by blowing snow on them.

    A new kind game you never got:
    - Nobody has imaged how to aim, forecast, or compute snow, itís unimaginable. You never experienced this! Snow has a high number and floats not very regular as you know. You should put wolves in appropriate place to affect snowís movement. Sheep will be healing if snow on them reaches certain quantity.
    - Each hero has distinct ability. The key to winning is how to combine them.
    - Wolfbrother: can blow snow to nearly half screen away with full power.
    - Wolfmama: can turn one snow to two and with two different directions (just like my mama, when I told something to her, and it would be changed very different, as you know).
    - Wolfuncle: can blow snow to one screen away. He has more power.
    - Wolfdad: He is a thinker; he uses power of thought to change snow to appear in certain place. Yes, there are some restrictions, because to attract snow almost used up his power.
    - It will be some sheep in one level, but quantity of snow they need is different. And they will be under obstacle, and even climb on vertical obstacle as real sheep. Obstacle will block off and rebound snow not very regular, so you should make use of it or avoid it sometimes.
    - Snow will come out from different outlets with different speed and different direction in one level. And snow will melting if it floats for a long time, some snow melting faster. Remember: snow in this game is exactly like snow in the real world.
    - This game is about "wolf save sheep", no blood, no bullets. Itís a cute game for everyone who wants leisure and funny.
    - Some levels seem easy, but only after rock your brains, will you can get a higher score.

    How to Play:
    Very simple, Just touch and drag and release. Touch to decide where you want to put the wolf. Drag to decide direction and power. Release to confirm your decision. You can cancel your decision only by release your finger near around the start point. There is even no one word in the game. Everybody can enjoy it right now.
    06-10-2011 01:58 AM
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    You can try this lite version
    06-10-2011 10:42 AM