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    If u like coloring books I recomend Learning Heroes Kids Coloring Book, free app in iTunes.

    Learning and fun in one ? Impossible? Answer: Learning Heroes Coloring Book. Application for iPad is a digital coloring book for children. In addition to the fun, the application teaches colors, and stimulates the creativity of young artists. Small size, clear screen, easy to use with only one key, and addictive fun with Learning Heroes Coloring Book makes iPads application will appeal to kids, well enough to take their time to last longer and give parents a break.

    The application consists of 10 simple templates for painting, among which we find little red riding hood, footballers, butterfly, cat, rabbit, dragon, elephant or dog.

    Simple and functional

    Developers create a simple and intuitive interface, so applications can use 3-year-old children. Simple graphics instead of text differs considerably Learning Coloring Book Heroes from the standard iPad applications. The interface resembles a pencil box with crayons, felt-tip pens, brushes, eraser and a bucket of paint with auto-fill. Each of these tools can be enlarged or reduced to match the painted area. In addition, 12 color palette of rainbow colors can conjure up a little artist, true works of art. Coloring fun to be accompanied by cheerful music.

    The application also provides other opportunities that will appeal to small explorers. By one movement, children can clean image and move to a pure template or by using the back arrow to return to the previous action. Touch-sensitive iPad's screen allows to paint several fingers at once.

    Play and learn

    Learning Heroes Kids Coloring Book is not just entertainment, a way to spending free time, but also learning colors, names, selection, and painting. This simple game helps children develop hand-eye coordination. This is an application designed for children, tested by the youngest and therefore ideally suited to their needs. Of the ten templates to paint for children aged 3-8 years, two of which are available free of charge. Other templates available for purchase in the AppStore.

    Features :

    simple, graphical, intuitive interface
    10 simple templates for coloring
    set of painting tools (crayons, felt-tip pen, brush, paint bucket, eraser)
    option to change the size of tool
    option to go back to the previous action
    12 rainbow colors
    cheerful music in the background
    2 free templates for testing


    science of colors and their names
    stimulating creativity
    developing hand-eye coordination
    interesting activity for children and relax for parents
    06-09-2011 04:58 AM

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