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    Hi guys,

    I'm the community manager of Gamerizon, an Indie game development studio based in Montreal.

    Today, we are releasing our 9th game called Chop Chop Slicer

    Chop Chop Slicer is a fast and frantic Slice n' Dice game.* But it is really different from the other Slicing games.*

    In Chop Chop Slicer you're free to cut 3D objects the WAY you want.

    The player gets to decide at which precise position and angle the object will be cut, and every Object (or cutted object) can be cut multiple times.*

    In other slicing game. the objects are pre-cut, and the slice is always the same.

    This is not the case in Chop Chop Slicer. You really cut in real time 3D objects.*

    In a Galaxy, not so far away, Alexis Rocket crashed its rocket in a planet inhabited by a tiny an VERY angry Alien! This Alien is not pleased to see someone invading his land and he will do anything to put you down.

    Armed with you Slicer gun, you have to survive through waves of alien attacks by slicing, cutting, destroying all the objects the Alien is throwing at you!

    A teaser and a gameplay footage are available on Youtube.

    Thanks for your time and your attention.

    Really hope you will like Chop Chop Slicer,

    Anson Duran
    Gamerizon's Community Manager
    06-08-2011 10:35 AM