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    Hey Guys and Girls!

    My Ocean:
    Yes, you guessed it. In honor of all you Aquarium Junkies and Fish Lovers out there I bring you "MY OCEAN"!!
    A Free/Freemium game due out in SEPTEMBER.
    So our crafty programmers here at Digital Play have cooked up a great Social/Casual Game focused on breeding fish and MANY other sea creatures (including wide varieties of reef fish, mantas, stingrays, seahoreses, sea turtles, sharks, whales sharks, dolphins, etc). Though sadly, for those of us, I mean, those of you, with Little Mermaid fetishes, there won't be any of the sexier aquatic friends to play with.

    What we have worked hard on doing is setting ourselves apart from the other fish/breeding games out there by really giving you a fun game with GREAT 3D graphics in FULL HD and REALISTIC fish and sea creature movements and animations, not to mention dynamic and addictive gameplay!

    Release Date and Platforms:
    -September 2011 for iOS(iphone 3G and iPodTouch 3 Gen or newer) and Android (Android V2.2 "Froyo")
    -September 2011 for Ipad and Android smart pads
    -November for PC/MAC
    -November for a downloadable screensaver featuring YOUR Aquarium or Ocean for you PC or MAC.

    Here's a great time to plug our nifty Website:

    On our Website (Or by searching for MY OCEAN or DIGITAL PLAY on YOU TUBE) you can see our first two videos:

    MY OCEAN EPISODE 1: Features "Fish Romance" aka, breeding fish:

    MY OCEAN EPISODE 2: Shows the progression you can make from your first tiny aquarium to Massive aquariums with HUGE fish and sea creatures, all the way to your very own OCEAN that you can decorate to your hearts desire.

    Digital Play:
    We are a small, relatively new company based out of Seoul, South Korea trying to make our mark in the competitive Casual/Social Gaming App world. Our mad developers have been locked up in their containment tanks, producing the best in Graphics, Game Mechanics and Social Gaming all set in the undersea world of Aquariums and Oceans (Don't worry, we throw them a few sardines at feeding time.)

    We figured that farm animals, zoo animals and frogs have been done to death and the while there are a few fun aquarium/ocean themed games out there they tend to have dated cartoony graphics or unrealistic animations. So, since one of our top designers is a real world Aquarium Junkie/Guru we figured that a fish/sea creature breeding game with realistic graphics that lets you live out your Aquarium and Ocean fantasies would be a good bet and a lot of fun to boot. (No, no, there are no mermaids, this isn't THAT kind of game! Sorry guys... ).

    Here's a whiff of what we've been cooking up:

    1. Raising and Breeding: Start out raising and breeding a wide variety of fish and later all kinds of sea creatures, including sea horses, sharks, octopuses, whales eventually dolphins and turtles.

    2. Build Your Collection: Raise these creatures in a tanks ranging from small to huge, breeding new animals to sell, give to friends as gifts and building a complete and diverse collection that you can show off to your friends.

    3. Social Gaming: Share your success with your friends either by boasting about how awesome you are and how much they suck (Okay, that isn't nice, but it's SOOO FUN!) or you can be cool and give your friends fishy gifts of rare sea creatures and help them by cleaning their tanks or feeding their fish. Don't you feel better about yourself now?

    4. Bigger and Better: Next, you can release your creatures into your very own OCEAN! or more accurately......."MY OCEAN". Okay, okay, you saw that one coming, but seriously you can have your very own Ocean stocked with any sea creatures you want. Yeah are you thinking what I'm thinking? SHARK OCEAN!

    5. Create and Decorate: Last but not least we allow you to fully decorate both your aquariums and your undersea world with various themes. Stick with the traditional seascapes of coral reefs or go for a touch of mystery with sunken ships, crashed planes, lost cities or even alien spaceships. The possibilities are endless.

    Thanks guys, Drop me a line:
    I'll leave you guys with that for now. If you guys have any feed back drop a line here or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook (you can access those on our website I posted further up next to the references to the mermaid with the great set of shells.)

    -Nick the Digital Play Support Guy.
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    sounds exciting,,,,,thanx for sharing the information,,,,,,
    06-13-2011 05:50 AM
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    looks exciting...
    06-16-2011 03:30 AM
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    Sounds good! I look forward to downloading this app.
    06-17-2011 02:42 AM