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    I've been working on Camera Prime 2.0 for a long time (much longer than anticipated), and have now finally reached the beta testing stage. I am looking for people to help test my app, and report any bugs/crashes to me. You can send me a private message, or simply respond in this thread.

    Current Version (1.1.2) iTunes Link: Camera Prime (with Geotagging) for iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G on the iTunes App Store

    New features in Camera Prime 2.0 include:

    Date & Time Stamp
    Separate Focus and Exposure
    White balance control
    Much faster saving
    Upload photos directly to Facebook and Twitter
    Print photos from Prime Review/Camera Roll
    Rotate photos in Prime Review
    Full EXIF data
    Much faster thumbnail-generating (4.2+)
    Front camera flash
    Camera button flash (hold down camera button to turn on flash)
    Adjustable antishake sensitivity
    Option to display photo count on icon
    Optional short delay after sound capture
    Different Photo Sizes
    Customizable Video Quality
    Burst timer (customizable delay between bursts)
    Skip through Prime Review photos
    Recording video duration
    Smaller sized timer (so as to not obstruct screen)
    Donate to Charity (tap on iAd and profits go to charity)
    Full Retina Display support
    Airplay compatible
    iTunes File Sharing compatible (should the app crash, you can take your photos out manually so you dont lose your photos)
    Plenty of bug fixes!

    06-04-2011 02:33 PM
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    I would be happy to help you out.
    06-04-2011 04:19 PM
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    Same here
    06-04-2011 04:23 PM
  4. iSkythe's Avatar
    I would be happy to help you out.
    Same here
    Thanks both of you! To join, simply click this link to join my team on testflightapp.com. The first beta will be available later tonight
    06-05-2011 04:44 PM