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    iCan ABC is carefully crafted with the young ones in mind. There are no ads, no sneaky buy this or that links and no integrations with services outside the app. The menus are simplistic and straight forward, everything is made in such a way that the entire game can be navigated and controlled by the preschool children.

    It supports multiple languages with their own alphabets US English, British English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish - so kids don't have to be from a specific country to take advantage of iCan ABC.

    This isnt a game and there is nothing to win - other than learning the letters of the alphabet, how they sound and how they look. Visual letter hints can be turned off, and that the vocals are recorded both as letter sounds and letter names. The game has three modes including uppercase, lowercase and mixed case. Each of these modes have three levels of difficulty.

    -Learning methods by pre-school teachers
    -Designed by parents
    -Developed by parents
    -Tested on preschoolers
    -Soothing music
    -Graphics designed for the right ages
    -Different gameplay for all stages of learning the alphabet
    -Children safe game
    -Professional vocals for all letters

    iCan ABC is available on the App Store in two versions.
    The iPhone and iPod Touch version
    The iPad version called iCan ABC HD
    iCan ABC Page
    06-04-2011 01:28 AM