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    Has anyone else out there tried this app? It is fun after I finally figured most of it out by trial and error! Lots of it is in Japanese but you can add text in English or another language in the journal. You can add stickers to your journal entry and also photos from your camera roll. I am enjoying it, especially since it incentivizes keeping a journal somewhat (I need to have all the extra motivation I can get to regularly use the thing). I keep exercise entries, food/diet entries, plus just a daily list of my plans and goals. I think it's a neat little app, and I just wondered if any others who don't necessarily understand a lick of Japanese were also using it.Attachment 9204Attachment 9205Attachment 9206
    06-03-2011 11:25 PM
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    Hooray! The app (which may well have been Korean and not Japanese after all) has been updated for the English language and U.S. holidays!

    Sean Bartel
    12-02-2011 10:39 PM