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    Be amazed as mysterious images start moving.

    *** Bring on some magic for free!
    *** From makers of hit app Eye Illusions
    *** 150 years old graphic technology reborn on iOS
    *** Original content created for iPod, iPhone, iPad

    Magical Images Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Be amazed by the magic as mysterious images start moving. It will give you incredible illusions of natural motion: all the objects will come to life right on your device!

    Imagine a static image broken into several frames. All you have to do is put a special grid with vertical stripes over the image to bring everything to life: and as if by magic, rockets fly, fire burns, spiders crawl, horses gallop and your jaws drop! The illusion of movement is produced due to the virtual overlay that can be moved either to the left or right.

    You can easily control the speed of animation by moving the grid either faster or slower. Add the images you enjoy most into your Favorites folder or Rate them by tapping on "Rate" on the bottom bar.

    Magical images first appeared in the 19th century as simple optical devices such as the Thaumatrope and the Zoetrope. The process of displaying sequences of still images in rapid succession - to show apparent motion - is the basis of early film animation and motion pictures. Now you can enjoy the magic right on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!

    Upgrade to the full version of Magical Images to get more content and free updates!

    Magical Images Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
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