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    Let's Sing 1 HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    Product: Let's Sing
    Price: $4.99

    Let's Sing 1 includes 16 well-known children's songs with enjoyable melodies and engaging animations. By singing with Let's Sing 1, children will improve their English pronunciation and develop a greater interest in learning.
    The purpose of Let's Sing 1 is to help children learn English in a natural, fun way. All of the carefully selected songs include rhyming short phrases, so the lyrics are easy to learn. In addition, the melodies are catchy, making the songs easy for children to remember. For each song, we have designed flash cards with attractive graphics. They will make a lasting impression and reinforce what the children have learned through the songs.
    As a special bonus, Let's Sing 1 has designed the challenging MINI GAME. This game lets children train their balancing abilities as they play. It's so fun that they won't even notice they're learning.

    ★ Song Titles:
    1. Are You Sleeping?
    2. Ten Little Indians
    3. Happy Birthday to You
    4. Hot Potato
    5. Hot Cross Buns
    6. The Muffin Man
    7. Star Light
    8. Little Green Frog
    9. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
    10. Bluebird, Bluebird
    11. Lazy Mary
    12. The Train Is A-Coming
    13. Go In and Out the Window
    14. Little Peter Rabbit
    15. I Caught a Fish
    16. Good Night

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    Main Menu

    Through these ballads with brisk melodies, children will learn English naturally in a cheerful atmosphere.

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    Its interactive flash cards on the screen will strengthen children's memory; they can then learn English happily.

    Picture card animation,Word pronunciation and Sentence pronunciation

    Picture card animation,Word pronunciation and Sentence pronunciation

    Besides, it has funny mini games and therefore children can memorize daily life vocabulary while playing.

    Roll the ball into the crystal with the right answer.

    Congratulations! You've got it!

    Throw the ball into the box with the right answer.

    When you pass all the challenges in a game, fireworks will show for congratulations; then you can proceed to the next ballad.

    Product features:
    *Let's Sing 1 offers 16 animated children's songs with catchy lyrics and melodies.
    *Each song contains carefully chosen target words and useful daily expressions.
    *Let's Sing 1 provides engaging interactive flash cards.
    *The challenging MINI GAME allows children to learn English as they play.
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