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    CRUX is listed in the iPad App Store front page feature "Words for the Wise"
    (link opens in iTunes on desktop or iTunes App Store app on iDevice)

    TouchArcade.com : "Crossword Puzzles Have Never Looked This Good" - 4.5/5

    AppAdvice.com : "A Word Puzzler's Delight" - 5/5

    PadGadget.com : "Other crossword apps in its caliber are twice as much" - 4.5/5

    TapMag.co.uk : "A well-developed paper-sourced crossword puzzler that should keep addicts happy." - 4/5

    CRUX presents the best crossword puzzles on the perfect platform for solving them. There are thousands of high-quality puzzles available for download from newspapers and other sources around the world. No matter if you're new to crosswords or a seasoned wordsmith, CRUX is great for everyone, and includes:

    - Support for multiple users sharing one iPad
    - Multiple modes help you focus on what's important
    - "Intersecting" presents a mini-puzzle made from the selected entry and all crossing entries
    - "Incomplete" shows you only what's left
    - "Related" shows only the themed or otherwise related entries
    - Related entries are automatically highlighted in all modes
    - "Home row" control layout lets you solve a puzzle fast without moving your hands
    - 3-speed directional pad for cell-by-cell navigation
    - Swipe gestures for directly picking any across/down entry from the grid
    - Enter letters as pen or pencil
    - Enter multiple letters in a cell ("rebus" entry)
    - Timer with pause
    - Clear/check/reveal a cell, entry, or the entire puzzle
    - View and sort downloaded puzzles by day, month, constructor, recently opened, etc.

    See our product page in iTunes for more screenshots and a list of all of the crossword puzzle sources that we currently support:

    CRUX Crosswords HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Any questions? Please ask!
    06-03-2011 03:41 AM