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    ?What you get is what you see.?
    iStar Navigator is a very intuitive and simple planetarium program. Just point your iPhone at the sky; then the current sky view in front of you will be shown on the screen.
    iStar Navigator helps you to identify a large number of unknown celestial bodies and to get related information. With iStar Navigator, you will never regret stare blankly at the starry sky while not recognizing any star.
    It comes handy for both professionals and amateurs. Using iStar Navigator, you just move your fingers around the screen; then the whole star map will move around all together.
    With fingers pinching and expanding, you can zoom in and out the display. Besides, it has very user friendly interface. After activate this program, you tap the left hand corner menu bottom, and enter an interface with a minimal number of needful instructions, including magnitude slider, navigation, etc. Just set some default settings, such as the ecliptic and azimuth angles, and you can enjoy stargazing by yourself. It won?t overload users with too much information once on the screen. For beginners: don?t know how to start? Just tap the navigation icon, and you will have an orientation and search arrow to point your phone at the sky with. Think about how exciting it will be to name a star right away after discovering it!
    Besides these advantages above, you can use it to know the phases of the planets anytime anywhere. You can slide time machine to change date and time separately. When planning to travel abroad on vacation or on business, you can select the observation site from a list of major cities, or manually adjust the longitude and latitude to know what to watch in the future. You can observe the stars for the past and for the future. Therefore, it is a very convenient tool to keep a long-term recording and do researches on the planets. Want to know the past and anticipate the future when stargazing? Try this one!

    iStar Navigator comes with the following features?
    *It shows the sky above your head instantly. With its location function and built-in digital compass, you can always have a mobile planetarium wherever you aim your phone at.
    *A 3D mobile star chart: its time machine helps to figure out the orbits of planets in the solar system or the waxing and waning of the moon.
    *An intuitive interface and a comprehensive database, which makes star observation quite interesting even for beginners.
    *A whole-sky star chart, which can be used both in the Northern and Southern hemisphere skies.
    *A location function with different choices, which provides city locations, GPS orientation, and a global longitude and latitude to select.
    *A search function with a comprehensive database, which lets you be able to search the information of astronomical objects very quickly.
    *Night mode; it night mode will make stargazing more comfortable for your eyes.
    *Handy operation: just slide your fingers; then you can zoom in and zoom out the star chart and set the magnitude of stars until you get your desired result.
    *A comprehensive database of constellations and bright stars, which provides you related information when you enjoy the star observation.

    @iStar Navigator supplies you with information about the following celestial objects:

    *The solar system including the sun and the planets and moons.
    *88 constellations, including their names, cultural backgrounds, observation data, and notable features.
    *A comprehensive collection of more than 10000 notable celestial objects (stars) in the sky, including bright stars nominated in the Yale Catalogue of Bright Stars and Norton's Star Atlas, binary stars, variable stars, novae and supernovae, as well as meteors and comets.
    *Deep-sky objects (nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies) that are nominated as Messier objects, Caldwell objects, and NGC&IC objects.
    *Observation site selectable from a list of major cities and locations.
    *A expandable star record list.
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