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    Product: Math A+
    Price: US$0.99
    Product description:

    When you run “Math A+” your children will be treated to an interface that stimulates innovation and makes them want to depart on a math journey into space that is full of surprises. Once your children have passed the math tests available in the game by scoring specific points, they will receive cool UFO gifts that will motivate them to spend time playing the other math games available in the application. Not only that, the positive audio and visual feedback will boost a child’s sense of accomplishment and interest in learning.

    Every math game that comes with the application has three levels of difficulty to strengthen a child’s math skills. In “UFO Counting” children will be able to learn about the order of numbers and, regardless of the starting number in a given set, will be able to rank the numbers in the right order; in “ET Counting” children can familiarize themselves with the combination and separation of numbers through arithmetic operations; in “Math Challenge” they start from simple drills of addition and subtraction and move on to more challenging problems involving multiplication and division. In addition, the action of shaking the iPhone to complete math puzzles can help improve a child’s arm muscle motor-sensory control.

    By exposing them to math we can help make preschool children more versatile in their thinking and calculation skills with adequate guidance and inspiration according to their cognitive ability. We can make math their favorite subject and help them to cultivate the habit of independent thought. Use the application to play math games with your children and help them get an A+ math grade!

    Product features
    *Engrossing math games in a fun environment on a background of an imaginary space environment;
    *The game offers counting practice and elementary drills for arithmetic operations (+ - × ÷);
    *Choose settings for math problems of three difficulties;
    *This interesting and versatile game makes dull math practice exciting for children.
    *The positive audio and visual feedback from the game will drive and motivate children to keep on learning;
    *Your child will find the gifts he or she has collected in the UFO house and it will be full of surprises.
    *The report card function helps you keep track of your child’s learning and progress.
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