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    Check out this game on iTunes/YouTube for more details

    HiddenView is an experimental puzzle game with basic physics and shaders.
    There are about 30 levels in the game. In each level, a stone image is displayed in different forms with several see-through/transparent objects. These objects reveal part of the background image. Your task is to find what the background image represents (for e.g. they can be utensils, animals, every-day items, etc) with the help of these objects.

    A star shaped object in each level is interactive (i.e. it can be selected and dragged), while the rest are just helper objects. You can also move the objects by tilting your phone.
    Once you guess, what the background image is, enter your answer by clicking "Enter answer" at the top. (Please don't use any special characters or spaces) If your answer is correct, the background image is displayed and the game moves ahead.

    On the top left is the level progress indicator, and on the top right is the restart button. Your game progress is saved, when you quit the game.


    No time limit, no audio, no menu system, no scores, no story-board
    Truly original idea/concept
    Uses own graphics engine

    Please Note: This game works with shader supported (i.e. 3GS or later) devices only
    05-26-2011 04:35 AM
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    Interesting, gonna check it out
    05-27-2011 08:07 PM