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    Experience the story of Noah in a delightfully new way. Noah for the iPad encourages kids to explore and play throughout the app. Noah is just the beginning of our long list of Bible stories to bring to life.

    A new level of interactive story books for kids. Not only will the book be read to you, you can tap and interact with each scene in fun and exciting ways. There are many different, simple games for kids. i.e. matching, tapping to completion, tap and drag...

    Unique ways to interact:
    - Help Noah plant his garden in preparation for the flood.
    - Match the animals before they load onto the boat.
    - Harvest the garden before the rain comes.
    - And many more...

    Above and beyond:
    Unlike the average interactive kids book, Noah tires to create unique interactions on each scene. Many books just use the same game over and over with different images causing boredom very quickly. With-in Noah we have created many types of play to build a lasting experience.

    Apps Future:
    We are working on a framework that will be released as open source. Any developer well be able to access the many types of "games" and build an app of their own. We want the ability for anyone to create good, quality children's titles on the iPad. We are also looking to include the iPhone in the framework. Kickstarter project coming soon.

    App website: thenoahapp.com

    Video link: vimeo.com/23802652

    Images link: cl.ly/6neB

    05-24-2011 12:55 PM

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