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    9mm - Gameloft

    Gameloft’s 9mm Is Their Sharpest Grand Theft Auto iPhone Look Alike Yet

    Gameloft has released a teaser trailer for their new upcoming game called 9mm, a 3D action game centered around crime. 9mm is not part of Gameloft’s Gangstar series, though based on the trailer they do appear to be similar.

    The graphics look greatly improved from the Gangstar series and the trailer makes it evident that this game is not for kids. Drive-bys, stabbings, shooting, strippers, even a couple F-bombs get dropped in the trailer’s soundtrack.

    It appears that in 9mm you’ll assume the role of a police officer, rather than a street thug. Based on a hint on Gameloft’s German Twitter account that translates to “Only the bravest cops can keep peace and order in the toughest areas” we believe that we will be playing a lawman. One that plays fast and by his own rules. Steven Segal anyone?

    That is all that is really known about 9mm so far, the trailer looks awesome and I am really excited for this one. Hopefully Gameloft will release another trailer in the next coming weeks.
    i am not a big iOS gamer but i will most definitely buy this for my iPhone and play it.. A LOT

    cannot wait for it to come out!
    05-23-2011 12:47 PM
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    just realized that this has been out.. for a couple weeks now??

    has anyone tried it?? also, has anyone tried it with iOS 5 (beta)?
    07-26-2011 10:58 PM
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    made the purchase today and not only does it indeed work with iOS 5 (beta) but the game is freaking awesome! can't put it down!
    07-29-2011 12:02 AM
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    OH~I love it,when is 9mm out?
    07-31-2011 07:44 AM