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    [B] Description MyEx-Diary is the only application on the app store that let you have a list of all of your ex girlfriends/boyfriends, with profile, and detailed stathistics about them.

    You can add an Ex and specify a lot of details like height (in mters), hair color, eyes color, time together and more stuff... also hot notes.

    MyEx-Diary is Unisex, and you can protect the access to this app with a password, to protect your privacy (just go in settings and set it, if you need). MyEx-Diary DOESN'T use internet connection, so you are sure that all you personal data will be safe in your device.

    You will be able to consult your ex partner sheet, add a photo, and have a photo album with 6 photo per partner.

    This app is the perfect black book of your relationships/B]
    05-21-2011 03:52 AM