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    ITS FREE! Get it Now, before the price goes up!!

    iTUNES LINK : Farkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

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    What the heck is Farkle?

    Farkle is a Crazy dice game of luck and GUTS! its played all over the world, and has as many rule variations as fish in the sea.

    Each player begins by throwing 6 dice. They build up "hands", such as 3 of a kind, straights, etc, and score. If you score NOTHING on that throw, you "FARKLE", and lose all your points for that round. The player can keep throwing until they chicken out or FARKLE.

    Play goes to the next person, and they test their GUTS.

    First player to 10000 or above wins.

    If you are into dice games like Yahtzee, Craps, Farkel,Zonk, Zilch, Hot Dice, Buzzball, Squelch, Greed, then this game is what you are looking for!

    SUPER FEATURE PACKED!.. read below!

    * Universal App & HD Retina!
    * Super Graphics, Sounds and Animations!
    * Support for up to 8 (EIGHT) Players, Human, Computers , mix and match!
    * Single Player - How many points can you get in 10 rounds?
    * Pass 'n Play - Up to Eight Players can pass and play!
    * Volume Control - slider to control the volume from OFF to MAX!
    * Background iPod music support
    * Change the computer speed from super slow, to super sonic Fast!
    * HINTS - the Dice will glow Yellow, if you can score on them! Great for beginners! Glowing Hints can be turned off too!
    * One click Preset Rules (POPULAR and EASY)

    * Casino Grade Shuffle Engine - We researched Random Number Generators used in Casinos, and passed by the Nevada Gaming Commission. If its good enough for the NGC, its good enough for me!

    * NO CHEATING! NO CHEATING! Thats right, the Computer does not cheat! It follows the EXACT same rules as the player. If the Computer is beating you all the time, you .... well.. you need to practice more and turn on GLOWING HINTS! :P

    You a FARKLE ADDICT? Then the Customizations below are just for you..


    Yes, I know! Everyone plays differently! And learning your new rules were quite interesting! We support a TON of different scoring systems and rules. Completely configurable! Every one of them.

    * Minimum Start Score - Set the bank out score from 0 to 1000. Either for just ROUND 1 or All the other Rounds!

    * Play to Score - play to 1000 all the way to 10,000!

    * 4 of a Kind, 5 of a Kind, 6 of a Kind - Enable or disable them all individually! Even change the points on all them individually!

    * CUSTOM SCORING! - We support the ADD system, the DOUBLING system and even FIXED points!

    * Small Straights - (1-5) or (2-6)

    * Large Straights - 1-6! a staple in any good Farkle rule set!

    * THREE PAIRS - Yes, sireee!

    * TWO TRIPLETS - Wow + Customizable Scoring!

    * FOUR of a KIND + PAIR = Got em all! with customizable scoring!

    * SIX ONES Bonus! - some people say if you get SIX ONE's you automatically win! Go for it! Turn it on or off! Your choice

    * The much debated THREE ONES! - A 1000 points? or 300? customizable! YES YOU CAN!

    * ONE MORE TURN TO WIN - If someone gets to 10000, everyone gets ONE more turn to try to beat the KING! Turn it on of off, your choice

    * Hate those 6 dice farkles? - You guessed it, we have it, and you can turn it on or off

    * FARKLE REDUCER - A slider to reduce the amount of Farkles in the game! Turn it off too!

    * 3 Farkle Penalties? -ON/OFF

    * PIGGY BACKING!!!! - YES! If you never played with the PIGGY BACK option, WOW! Changes the game! Turn it OFF, Make it OPTIONAL per TURN, or FORCE it ON for everyone!

    * forced Rerolling - if you score on all 6 dice, you are forced to reroll..turn it off, if you dont like it.

    Did I say it is FREE? YES! its FREE! Download it now before I change my mind!

    EMAIL ME: robertsuh@gmail.com
    BINGO for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! for more games, how to Play Farkle, and Farkle RULES!

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    iTUNES LINK : Farkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    05-17-2011 08:00 PM
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    I really like this version of Farkle. I can play solo for 10 rolls to get the highest score, or against a computer opponent. Farkle is a game with a large number of rules variations depending on who/when/where you learned it. This game has a large number of options, so that you can customize it to play with the set of rules and scoring you want.

    The other good thing is that the developer is really responsive. I've found a couple of bugs in playing the game and e-mailed them to him. He got back to me in just a few minutes, has fixed them, and submitted the update to the app store for approval. Great work!

    Get it while it's free!
    05-18-2011 12:49 PM
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    On June 17, we put out a new update.

    JUNE 20, 2011 - FARKLE ADDICTS UNITE! New Update! Get it NOW! It uses WAY less memory. Tested on a First Generation iPhone for 2 days straight! Super Duper STABLE!
    ★ Scoring Fixes
    ★ Smarter Computer Opponent
    ★ HighScore fixes.
    ★ Memory Optimizations
    ★ Speed Optimizations
    ★ Faster Load Times
    ★ Stability Improvements
    ★ Easier purchasing of 2, 4 and 8 players!
    ★ Ability to remove popup advertisement.
    07-05-2011 06:31 PM
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    world wide multiplayer has been out for months, with over a million matches so far!
    11-23-2011 03:58 PM