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    Hey Guys!

    I want to share my seeing.
    I downloaded new update of ZYNGA Poker app for my iPhone short time ago. Tip us a yarn. On the face, it looks OK. Developer seriously worked on UI. Such new elements as Progress bar, Check box, Raise appeared. The form of avatar and a few other minor changed for the better. I think it will be pleasant for me and for the other gamers. Let's congratulate ZYNGA on success? May be not!
    Very similar UI had already been implemented half a year ago in PokeristCom application for iPhone by one little-known developer. After entering the market of apps in the fall 2010, PokeristCom took a leading position in AppStores top downloads which it still keeps it.

    So, little-unknown developer predicted and implemented workhorse update for users. ZYNGA, as I think, is just only coping it! It is interesting... the theft is routing practice at the market of games apps. ZYNGA met with analogous situation some time ago. People say that guys from PlayPhone copied UI from ZYNGA for their poker. But I cant understand why ZYNGA is plagiarizing.

    I wont waste my time and energies pick on for ZYNGA updates. The other people often do this. Ill overview my attitude to this company. Last time the large developers were guarantee of quality and comfort applications for many people. Now situation is changing. The large companies became sluggish and clumsy. Little and mobile developers are coming to the fore. They are more attentive to all details at their apps. They defer to gamers opinion and make quality modification shortly. The future lies with them. Do you agree?

    Lets repost this message!
    05-17-2011 10:29 AM
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    If you'll rewrite this message in English, I might consider reposting it. As it stands I have no clue what you're trying to say, or if you're just a spammer making his debut with something that almost makes sense.
    05-17-2011 12:59 PM