1. phessler's Avatar
    I also use a credit card. Just need to keep tabs on what you spend.
    05-21-2011 04:50 AM
  2. impaler's Avatar
    I use PayPal, which directly debits from my checking account.
    05-22-2011 01:44 AM
  3. anon4705295's Avatar
    For me, it's hard....
    Ditto haha. It was really hard at first... this empty iPhone sitting there... I wanted to fill it quickly, and make it perfect right away, but my bank account could not take that hit haha. I spread out the purchases and now I've finally got my phone where I want it I think.

    On topic, I use a credit card, but now I'm thinking it might be smart to use the iTunes cards... can't hurt anything!
    05-22-2011 08:56 PM
  4. taddy's Avatar
    use a credit card ,cant remember
    05-23-2011 01:28 AM
  5. taddy's Avatar
    I never use a credit card! It's iTunes cards for me! Works very slick!
    looks good!
    05-23-2011 02:21 AM
  6. itsalexaye's Avatar
    its funny how this is happening to itunes, after what happened with the Playstation network
    05-23-2011 07:23 AM
  7. sting7k's Avatar
    It's very unlikely that your card details have been stolen from Apple database. Most probably you've used that card somewhere on the internet, and the data was stolen from there.
    Or also equally likely being a debit card he could have used it at an ATM that had a skimmer on it.

    @itsalexaye, that is 100% not the case.
    05-23-2011 08:12 AM
  8. selina2308's Avatar
    gift cards.
    05-25-2011 08:13 AM
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