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    Hi everybody,
    We are proud to announce that along with updates for both Contact George and Contact George PRO we are also releasing a FREE version on May 13th.

    We are also hosting a GIVEAWAY on Facebook- George B. Dupp | Facebook
    Enter for a chance to win a copy of Contact George - Collectors Edition consisting of:
    -1x iPod Touch (holding a limited edition of Contact George)
    -1x surprise gift from George himself
    -2x signed T-Shirts

    Talking Link (Contact George) will be the 3rd connection type that will let you tap into
    this new and unique real world. This FREE version offers a voice connection to George
    enabling you to interrupt his daily routine and start talking to him, screaming
    or shaking his world.

    The updates bring the first fan made content in to the game (in our news section)
    as well as a few bug fixes making the connection more stable.

    Complete schedule:
    -May 12th Collectors Edition Sweepstakes begins
    -May 13th Talking Link (free) release
    -May 14th Contact George and Contact George PRO get updates
    -May 15th IsThisReal- special event on Facebook

    The number of ways to contact George is growing and he is even active online so feel free
    to contact him using his personal Twitter account or Facebook fan page.

    George B.Dupp (GeorgeBDupp) on Twitter
    George B. Dupp | Facebook
    Contact George
    Contact George iTunes
    Contact George PRO iTunes
    Talking Link Contact George iTunes

    All the best,
    Team Re-Create
    05-12-2011 07:28 PM

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