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    Hi! I have so many apps on my iPhone. Some I use every day, some I use once a week, some I use once a month, and I'll admit, some I have only used once, and wonder why they're still around. I messed up my syncing the other day (its fixed) but now, LOTS of apps are out of their folders and I figured now was a good time to finally organize them.

    So, my question, to those of you with hundreds of apps, how do you have them organized? By how much you use them, or by what they are, (games, news, etc). I haven't found a way that I like yet, and I'm open to all suggestions.

    Thank you in advance!
    05-12-2011 03:36 PM
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    I have my most used apps and the most needed apps on my first page. Most needed meaning I have the maps app on the first page for convience of quick access when I need it although I don't use it that often. Basically things I need quick access to or use alot go on my home page. My 2nd page (I only have 2 pages lol) has a folder of games, which I always have on page 2 no matter how often I use the app, a folder named junk which consist of the stocks app, contact app (I just go through the phone app, it's easier for me), voice memo, the stock weather app (I use the weather channel app), and maybe one more but I cant think of what it would be right off the back or my head. But that's basically how I do it. Most used/needed on front page everything else on the second. When I have more than two pages I will do the same thing and put the more important apps on page 2 and the less important apps on page 3
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    05-12-2011 03:44 PM
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    I wish I only had 2 pages. Currently I'm working with (wow I'm' embarrassed) LOTS of pages. but this will help. Thank you.
    05-12-2011 03:49 PM
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    Mine was organized until i jailbroke my phone lol
    05-12-2011 07:01 PM
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    Mine was organized until i jailbroke my phone lol
    Oh, dont tell me that, I'm thinking about JB'ing mine. Still scared I'll lose all my app info so I haven't. but what does it do to it? delete them, rearrange them?
    05-12-2011 11:36 PM
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    For me:

    Bottom dock is 4 most used apps (if J/B, you can have 5) because no matter what page I'm on, they are always at the bottom.

    2nd most used apps are in folders on the first page. Why?
    One to three presses of the home button, and there they are, no matter what you were doing.

    I am jailbroke, and found infinifolders helps.
    Normally, you can only have 12 icons in a folder.
    With infinifolder, I can have as many icons as I want, which lets me combine categories, which means I have fewer folders, which gives me fewer pages, which means less scrolling, which means faster access to my stuff.

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    05-13-2011 11:38 PM