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    BEWARE: For MEN only!!!
    How many times did you see a beautiful girl sitting alone at a coffee shop table or walking past on the sidewalk and couldnt find words or courage to talk to her?

    * Are you tired of not meeting women you like?
    * Are you afraid of taking it to the next level with a woman you already know?
    * Do you want to know whether she likes you or not just by reading her body language?

    TigerMe Club will change your dating life. Why? It works.

    TigerMe Club is the ultimate social and dating advisor for single men who are looking for a girlfriend or just want to date around first. Its the most comprehensive iPhone dating and seduction guide that provides you with flirting tips and simple step-by-step training in real-life situations.

    This elite club will teach you how to successfully communicate with the opposite sex and will give you practical advice on how to handle common communication issues. TigerMe Club will help you to significantly improve your inter-personal skills by giving you missions and even testing you with a quiz after each chapter.

    TigerMe Club membership is accessible exclusively from within the application and it provides its members with practical advice and tips in complex social, dating and relationship situations.

    Benefits that our members enjoy with TigerMe Club:

    * Dating advice from the world's best dating experts
    * Real-life dating and networking guide
    * Fun quizzes after each chapter
    * Practical advice for how to handle common communication issues
    * Graphical examples and step-by-step advice in landscape mode
    * Simple 3-months training program for improving your dating and social skills
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