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    Make the most of out your iPad 2's camera with this 5-Megapixels camera app!

    Professional Camera let's you access all the raw and low-level features of the iPad's camera hardware and it is the only iPad camera app that allows you to take pictures of up to 5-Megapixels!

    *** Over 400,000 users have Professional Camera installed on their iOS Devices. This app can't be wrong! Get your copy now! ***

    "For those who just bought an iPad 2, YOU WILL NEED THIS APP!" - DailyAppWatchers

    "Just found my iPad's stock camera app replacement." - The AppReview Bloggers

    --== Features ==--

    ★ Ability to separate White Balance and Point of Exposure

    ★ Narrow - Large Depth of Field and Background Defocus

    ☼ White Balance Adjustment

    ★ Crystal Zoom Advanced Image Post-Processing delivers you the best picture even at 7.0x Zoom

    ★ Video recording in the Low / Mid / High / 480p / 720 p quality

    ★ Displays Power and Peak volume levels in video recording mode

    ★ Auto or Manual Mirror Modes

    ★ Manually flip or rotate orientation of snaps and recordings

    ★ Professional LCD Interface

    ► Double Tap to select Point of Exposure

    ► Triple Tap to use Auto Focus and Exposure.

    ► Choose one of Low, Med, High, 480p or 720p presets to enable video recording.

    --== Specification and Instructions ==---

    -- Menu Bar --

    HUD = Toggles the heads up display
    SWAP = Switch between front and rear camera
    REC = Start Video Recording
    SNAP = Capture still image
    Z-IN = Zoom In
    Z-Out = Zoom out
    TIMER = Capture still image with a delay of either 5, 10 or 15 seconds.

    -- HUD --
    AExp = Adjust Exposure (Lock or Continuous)
    AWB = Adjust White Balance (Lock or Continuous)
    Preset = Low (VGA 640x480)
    Med (3 Mega Pixels 2048x1536)
    High (5 Mega Pixels 2592x1458)
    Photo (0.7 Mega Pixels 960x720)
    480p (Standard Video)
    720p (High Definition Video)
    Orient = Adjust Camera Display Orientation
    Mirror = Mirror the camera display

    *Note to capture video, choose either 480p or 720p preset.

    More Amazing Photos at whatkennysaw.com

    05-12-2011 03:38 AM
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    Hey, I think you have a really nice app, do you mind sending me a promo code and I can review it for you on my YouTube channel? My YouTube link is in my sig
    05-14-2011 07:58 PM
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    promocode? ;-)

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    05-15-2011 02:11 AM
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    Looks decent, would be nice if you could send me a promo, too
    05-16-2011 03:31 AM

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