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    I'm an independent developer and I've just finished my first app. It's called BULBS and it's a sliding puzzle game with a few extra dimensions that should appeal to puzzle and logic game fans.

    BULBS is a sliding puzzle game for bright sparks. Shuffle the circuit board components and flick the switches to complete the circuit and light the required number of bulbs. Accidentally light a red bulb and it's game over.

    - 75 Levels including 15 simple training levels
    - Simple logical gameplay
    - Crisp, retina graphics
    - No adverts

    Just search for BULBS on the app store.

    I designed and developed the game myself and now I'm learning how to promote it so all feedback will be gratefully received!

    Thanks so much

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    BULBS! for beginners - a FREE version of BULBS! with 30 levels is now available on the App Store.

    The original game, BULBS!, has been updated with 10 bonus levels making 85 in total.
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