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    Hello iPad Developers,

    We run*EcoAppsFree.com*:*

    Basically it is a marketing launchpad for green/eco iPhone and iPad apps, The idea is that a paid app is given away for free with us, for a limited period (usually 24hs).

    We run the platform that push the eco app of the day into the direction at least of the AppStore top 50.*
    (We are aiming for apps going into the top10, with downloads over 20 000 daily units as the platform expands).

    Then, when it goes back to paid-for, an app always:

    - Gets a better position in the paid-for rankings than it had before,
    - Sells more than it previously did
    - Benefits from great word of mouth thanks to the thousands of users now using it
    - Enter new markets (specially in Asia and Europe)

    Plus, there are other benefits depending on the app features:
    - Increase of in-app purchase if there is
    - Increase of sign-ups/account creation if there is

    So if your marketing team plan on promotion targeting eco-health-kids-outdoor-lovers conscious individuals think about placing your smart apps with us.

    Below are some developers testimony about our services for your reference.


    We are starting to program the May/Jun slots and we think you could benefit from our platform.

    To decide which promotion level is right for your goals, follow the URL below:


    Best Regards,*


    EcoAppsFree.com*- Where greening the world goes mobile
    05-02-2011 02:04 AM

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