1. OstinGirl's Avatar
    Hi Tipb fans,

    We strongly believe that the iPad can become a musical instrument once you download Zepi HD(music). Make sure yourself by playing Zepi HD 1.1.

    1.It develops musical rhythms;
    2.It develops your music ear;
    3.It encourages interest in cultural information, including the history of the best musical compositions of different genres and styles;
    4.It practices basic math skills (addition, multiplication, progression, and functions);
    5.It develops creativity of mind and provides space for musical improvisations;
    6.It practices and improves attention as well as mental reaction time.

    We can give a promo code in return for an honest iTunes review. Feel free to PM, if you are interested!

    Zepi HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    04-29-2011 10:58 AM
  2. hubble36's Avatar
    i purchase one for a piano/guitar, and its really fun!!
    04-29-2011 04:40 PM