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    Foxfly Messenger v1.5 is now available on the AppStore and supports FREE group text messaging with friends whatever phone they may have!

    Search Foxfly on the AppStore and download now!

    App Description:

    Foxfly is…
    Like BBM for iPhone
    Like GroupMe but without the text messaging fees
    Like Kik, WhatsApp, and Beluga but a whole lot better looking!

    Foxfly is perfect for organizing events, sharing private stuff, and keeping in touch with your different circles of friends. Messages and photos are sent and received instantly via push notifications saving you tons of $$$$ on text messaging fees.

    What’s special about Foxfly?

    REALLY REALLY GOOD LOOKING - Each group is represented by a beautiful collage of its members’ profile photos. When you receive new messages your dashboard lights up with the sender’s photo and a preview of his/her message.

    MEET NEW FRIENDS – Foxfly automatically adds you to “recommended groups” that we think you would be most interested. All recommended groups have at least 2 other friends, making it easy to get introduced.

    - Use your school or work email address to register
    - Use your real name and phone number to find friends faster and let them find you!
    - Make sure to upload a nice profile pic of yourself, you’re going to get a lot of screentime

    For more info visit: foxfly[dot]com
    04-29-2011 12:21 AM