1. polaraman's Avatar
    I just came from Sprint using the Palm Pre and i'm looking for replacement apps for the iPhone that i used in WebOS.

    One app that i used on a daily basis was called Battery Saver. It put the phone in airplane mode automatically at specified times and turned it off at another time. I had mine set to be in airplane mode while i'm at work (since i can't carry it on my job) and exit out of airplane mode when i get off and update all of my texts/emails by the time when i get to the car.

    Is there an app out there that will automate the starting/stopping of the airplane mode?
    04-25-2011 06:45 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    Currently, the only way to use profiles is to jailbreak.
    04-25-2011 09:59 AM
  3. polaraman's Avatar
    guess what's next on my agenda???
    04-25-2011 10:05 AM
  4. Alli's Avatar
    Welcome to #TeamJailbreak.
    04-25-2011 12:38 PM
  5. IpadIfan's Avatar
    04-26-2011 04:09 AM