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    My Easter Egg for You

    This App is free until May 11.

    IOD is the only App I know that allows you to find a person in the Address Book without stumbling over 26 very small buttons - it works with only 3 huge buttons. With this you may handle it easily with one hand and you need much less focus to find the person.

    When you walk in the city or you drive a car you have to focus on what you are doing. If ever you need to do an urgent call out of your address book all the focus is bound to the phone - too dangerous!

    Result: a lot of stress because the buttons are such small and you are very distracted from only finding the contact.

    The IOD App solves this problem because IOD is different. You only use 3 big buttons instead of 26 small buttons.

    You need less focus to find the name - you do less writing errors - you are less distracted - you have less stress.

    It works - look it up in the website.

    Hope you find this app usefull!

    --> Link to AppStore

    --> Link to Website

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