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    MAD World from Taiwan developer Winking Entertainment is a new puzzle game features challenging physics-based gameplay.

    The main character is Daniel, and the story of Mad World is talking about Daniels friends are kidnapped by Aliens. So we have to work with Daniel to help him take his land and friends back.

    How to control this game? Its easy to play, just tapping the mobile phone screen, and then Daniel will be launched as a rock to hit the target!

    Some time is very difficult to hit the Aliens on some episodes, because the Aliens hide behind the obstacle.

    This game connect to OpenFeint, so leaderboards every time; how to get top on leaderboards? It depending on how many Daniel you use to wipe out all Aliens in a stage, then you can get higher score.

    For the sale price of just 99 cents! Thats very cheap! Because it has 10 episodes with 205 different levels.

    MAD World is a typical cell phone game, but the different element makes it a very addicting game to play. I have spent a lot time to play this game! And you definitely should try to get this game!
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    Game Features:
    MAD World contains 10 brilliant episodes with more than 200 levels. And more and more terrific levels and adorable characters will be added periodically.

    Download the app here : iTunes link
    04-19-2011 07:06 AM