1. imohoo000's Avatar
    If you are a Td fan, if you are a starcraft fan and this is your best choice.

    The latest TD game, with delicate graphic and incredible fun! That is to say, itís awesome! Defeat the aliens to protect our homeworld!
    3 maps in 4 difficulties! Above all, frequent updating ensures new freshmen and new fun!
    All kinds of heroes with Level Up and Class Shift features! There are 5 weapons to help you defeat your enemies in different thrill.
    Rich unlock elements on new heroes and weapons, unlock it now!

    Check out the game: search "StarBunker:Guardians" in your iTunes store.

    Hope you like it.
    04-14-2011 02:44 AM
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    The game is updated!!! Don't miss out!!

    What's New in Version 1.5

    -Fixed bug of failing to upgrade
    -Fixed sound effect bug
    -Fixed achievement bug
    -Optimized UI flow
    -Multi-user memory system added
    02-27-2012 08:08 PM
  3. omysea's Avatar
    02-27-2012 08:10 PM