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    Gamegou's latest title for the iPad: [B]Soccer Stealers Reloaded HD [B] has been just released today on iTunes! and YES, IT’S FREE!!!

    Soccer fans around the world REJOICE! Your favourite casual soccer game is back with a vengeance!Gamegou's 3rd installment of Soccer Stealers is back! Soccer Stealers Reloaded HD is a perfect 3D game for the iPad2 and works perfectly on the original iPad.


    Soccer Stealers Reloaded HD is packed with loads of new goodies to collect and an amazing array of wacky power-ups. How many medals can you collect while avoiding those pesky referees? Will you make full use of those special winged cleats and tornado flags? Can you dice enough watermelons to sabotage bad cops, aliens from mars, and an entire company of reckless referees? You won’t know until you try it out, but we guarantee that Soccer Stealers Reloaded HD is sure to get your fingers tappin and heart thumping. Best of all, it’s Gamegou’s gift to you, no purchase necessary =)

    - NEW Customize your character and Dress to Impress: What’s your style: Afro? Buzz? Shaved? Pony-tailed?
    - NEW Redeem medals for goodies: Collect medals and trade them in at our very own Gamegou shop
    - NEW Real-time match selections allowing you to enter matches currently being played in 3 major leagues: England, Germany, Italy
    - Rapid racing action
    - Intelligible one-touch control
    - Languages: English, French, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese

    REVIEWS for Soccer Stealers 2:
    thePortableGamer "it’s fun…and offers replay-ability by way of difficulty progression and the unlocking of new characters, including a ninja. So there you have it, soccer, beer and ninjas, what more could you ask for?"

    AppAdvice “a fun little game for your free time. It’s simple to pick up and play, and despite the simple mechanic there is a lot to enjoy maneuvering…”

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    04-13-2011 10:57 AM