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    (this is one of many reviews to come prior to a Post i will be doing on running a company from your iPad)

    Portfolio for iPad by Britton Photography(iTunes Link) A Photography application for iPad on *iOS 4.2 and higher. Three good uses for this app are portfolio management, portable display to clients and full screen slideshows with TV Out.

    To start of with Portfolio for iPad you need to create and set up your galleries, to do this you select on the settings gear button. you then select "Manage Galleries" the next step is creating a galleries thru the "+" button and importing photos from iPad Media, iTunes File Sharing, Internet(URL), Dropbox and a mac.

    Once you have all your images imported you can also edit image names and metadata. The name editing is very import as it is displayed while in viewing mode and it makes it easier to select the right images in each gallery to show potential clients. Alternatively you can also have the application auto number each image starting with 1.

    Within each gallery you can also configure Slideshow settings such as Looping, Slide Duration and Slideshow music which is imported from iPod.app. You can also configure Metadata overlays.

    Returning to gallery management across the bottom of the Gallery Table List you have 4 options the first being viability, this allows you to effectively hide a gallery, this could be used to hide items that are sold out or out of stock, alternatively it can also be used to display select galleries for that clients are interested in. The next button is a left turn button which allows you to select multiple images from one gallery and then move them to a different one. This is Useful when importing large amounts of images at once and then sorting thru them into specific galleries. The next button is image deletion which will remove said images from the application. The forth and final button being eMail selected photos.

    The viewing mode in a gallery is quite simple with the selected image displayed near full screen with a tool bar and photo reel taking up a small portion of the screen. on the tool bar you have your back button, gallery name, notes, full screen, and play buttons.

    Reviewers Opinion:

    Portfolio for iPad is a wonderful application that I will be using on a regular basis it is great for photographers and any other small or large company that needs to display products via image to potential clients. It is a definite must buy and will take your company to that next level.

    In my reviewer's opinion the option to email photos only in "Manage Galleries Mode" should be changed to viewing mode only because of when your displaying images to your clients they may want samples to view later, but when your setting up your galleries your not gonna need to email photos from the app anywhere.

    I would like to see a self host-able web version that uploads it self to your website because it would add allow your clients who have spouses or other important people playing a part in selecting your service that were unable to attend a meeting to view the exact same photos.

    I don't like that when in slide show mode double taping the selected image it shows it twice it should be removed because it's removal would remove the wasted screen estate by displaying the same image twice on the screen.

    Some similar application alternatives are:

    PADPORT iPad Portfolio - salt studio, inc.

    Portfolio To Go for Flickr - Nick Kuh

    Mediapad Pro - Photography Video Portfolio - MEDL MOBILE

    Portfolio for iPad
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