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    "Scan My Food" is useful for :
    1. Price Shopping. Just scan the product you are thinking of purchasing, and in seconds you get links and pricing from thousands of online retailers.
    2. Replacing household or business items and/or consumables. When you run out of a product just scan it and in two or three clicks the least expensive replacement product is in route to you.
    3. Save you time and money
    4. Facebook/Twitter product sharing. If you find a product you want to share with you friends you can share its price,seller info with your friends
    5. Get your Food Items scanned and get its best prices
    Scan My Food Application for all types of barcodes with facility to search the best deals for matching product items.
    Just scan the product barcode and get the best deals for your shopping with product reviews, prices, seller info, location of sellers.
    Also, you can search manually and get the best deals for your shopping
    04-13-2011 05:05 AM

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