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    [CENTER]@thefishdies) and Facebook page. So please follow/like us if interested!


    • Escape from several unique obstacles and enemies - beware of sharks!
    • Control the fish with only one touch. Anyone can play!
    • Several different power-ups to help you achieve your goal!
    • Experience a different game every time you play with randomly generated enemies!
    • Compare your scores against your friends on the Leaderboards and try to complete several Achievements with Game Center integration.
    • Share your scores with Facebook and Twitter connectivity!
    • Multiple difficulty levels.
    • Retina support.
    • Best way to kill time! (And a fish...)


    Screenshots (click to enlarge):

    This is my first game and I'm really happy with the release. It would be great for me if you guys could try it! I'm always willing to talk about the game so please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions or criticisms.

    Official Website
    Twitter (@thefishdies)
    Facebook page

    Thanks everyone!
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    04-14-2011 06:36 PM
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    I've been interviewed by Joystiq regarding Please take a look. In other news, I'm already at work on the first update for the game that should feature many suggestions I received from players since the release of the game. If you have anything you'd like to see changed or added to the game, let me know.
    05-11-2011 07:33 AM
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    Hi looks good i will post link on twitter
    05-11-2011 07:55 AM
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    looks kinda fun
    05-12-2011 07:04 PM
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    Hey guys, I'm proud to announce the release of The Fish Dies in the End 1.1 - The Fish Strikes Back! For those who don't know the game, it's an undersea, pick up and play game featuring a cute little fish trying to survive as long as possible against all odds. The game has Retina support and is compatible with Game Center (Leaderboards and Achievements).

    The new update has been made with the players' suggestions in mind and adds many improvements to the game, including better placement of enemies and obstacles, more dynamic backgrounds, tutorial screens, better performance, and more. Most notably, there are three new power-ups that should provide more variety and entertainment to the players (and some much-needed help, of course!).

    I updated the first post with new screenshots and as always, I'd love to receive some feedback from you. So if you try the game, please let me know what you think!

    07-11-2011 06:45 PM

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