1. paul100's Avatar
    Hi, my app store suddenly got some notification that I have a new updates available even when all apps are up to date... and it is often showing!

    How to solve this problem ?? Please help...
    04-12-2011 05:53 AM
  2. cocobic's Avatar
    Maybe is a new update for your iphone or for the iTunes.
    04-12-2011 03:26 PM
  3. paul100's Avatar
    No its not update for iTunes or my phone.. its something different notification am receiving.
    04-15-2011 06:52 AM
  4. Morac's Avatar
    The app store started having problems yesterday. I haven't seen any reports on any of the blogs, but there's reports in the Apple support forums. Sorry I can't post links yet.
    04-15-2011 04:15 PM