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What's my iPhone worth?
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    The EMS Toolkit was specifically created for Emergency Medical Personnel to improve operating performance and efficiency. The EMS Toolkit is designed to deliver simple yet strong features and benefits for the end user. Key features include:

    1. Built-in calculators for quick computations such as APGAR, Conversions, Glasgow Coma Scale, Pediatric Trauma Score, and Rule of 9s for both adult and pediatric.

    2. Information that is entered into the app is recorded to a log associated with each patient incident. Logs can be edited if needed and sent via email, mms text or printed.

    3. The GPS function allows the app to automatically track mileage to the nearest tenth of a mile as you track call times.
    4. Baseline vitals such as blood pressure, pulse rate, respirations, blood glucose level and temperature can be entered and are time stamped and placed into the log.

    5. Medication given and actions taken are time stamped and placed into the log. Both medication and action lists are fully customizable to meet your region or systems SOPs.

    You can find other apps on the market today that do some of our listed features ranging in price from Free to $9.99. None of them have all the features in just one app and none on the market today integrate the GPS function of the iPhone for tracking mileage to the nearest tenth of a mile, which is now required by Medicare and Medicaid. At just $4.99 EMS Toolkit will give you what you need in the field to help facilitate optimized professional care and emergency response.

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    Sounds like a good app for EMS personnel
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