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    caegory: Games
    1.3(iOS 4.0tested)
    Support platform: ipad

    TO BUY this game at app store, you can search "imohoo",you ll find StarBunker.

    the link on the itunes: --- itunes.apple.com/us/app/starbunker-guardians/id405890423?mt=8

    The latest TD game, with delicate graphic and incredible fun! That is to say, its awesome! Defeat the aliens to protect our homeworld!
    3 maps in 4 difficulties! Above all, frequent updating ensures new freshmen and new fun!
    All kinds of heroes with Level Up and Class Shift features! There are 5 weapons to help you defeat your enemies in different thrill.
    Rich unlock elements on new heroes and weapons, unlock it now!
    3 delicate maps
    22 heroes in different types
    A new unlock when complete one level
    Infinite levels for survival mode. Hang on, dude!
    12 skills for your defense towers.
    A hero can make class shift with money
    Heroes get XP when kill enemies
    Abundant enemy types
    High edge Graphic effect
    Dynamic effect: Slow, Smoke, Ice and Fire
    Original music: playing music from ipod supported
    Simple operation
    Save whenever you want
    Local stored scoreboard and rank data
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    04-07-2011 10:36 PM
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    New version 1.3 has been updated, In this added two new maps, Changed some music and sound effects.

    Download here : StarBunker:Guardians for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    04-08-2011 08:56 AM
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    u wont regret if you to buy this app
    04-11-2011 03:27 AM