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    So I took the plunge today and purchased an iPad 2!

    While we were in the Apple Store checking out, our son was playing on one of the demo models using this really nice looking drawing/paint app. Unfortunately, I didn't check to see what the name was and when we arrived home, I couldn't find it searching the App Store.

    I called the Apple Store where I purchased the unit from and explained that I was just there and purchased the iPad 2 and was looking for the name of this app. The rep told me that the app I'm looking for is part of a demo package that comes pre-installed from Apple for their Demo models. She said the app is definitely available for download in the App Store but she didn't know the name of it off hand. When I asked if she could look she told me she couldn't leave her station. (Understandable, but why she couldn't just ask one of her associates to look is beyond me, considering I'd just spent close to $1,000 in their store a couple of hours earlier. But that's a story for another day).

    Anyhow, do any of you kind folk know the name of this drawing/painting app I'm talking about? The only other info I can tell you is that the graphics on it were great and my son was having the most fun just drawing random things using his finger on a white background.

    Thanks in advance for your help. I'll probably be back at the mall next week and if I can't find it by then, I'll just poke my head into the Apple Store.
    04-02-2011 06:51 PM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    Sounds like Brushes. Great appit's even been used for New Yorker magazine cover art a few times!
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    04-02-2011 07:51 PM
  3. mobileiphone's Avatar
    Sounds like Brushes. Great appit's even been used for New Yorker magazine cover art a few times!
    Great forum!!!
    04-04-2011 03:02 AM
  4. RealDeal71's Avatar
    To follow up...

    I was back in the Apple Store today for the first time since buying my iPad (to buy another iPad).

    The name of the app I was asking about is Zen Brush.

    Thanks for replying Massie... you were close!
    04-09-2011 07:22 PM
  5. Massie's Avatar
    Thanks for letting us knowI'd wondered if you had found it!
    04-09-2011 10:22 PM