1. GaurhothW's Avatar
    I have become somewhat concerned with the way QuickOffice handles emailing documents. Whereas most apps use the native iOS email app and just attach the item, QuickOffice sends the document through their own SMTP service ignoring your native email accounts and settings.

    While I am not saying they would abuse this, this does give QuickOffice (and an unknown # of employees) access to every single document emailed from the application. I work on a number of documents that I simply can't send outside the company email system.

    In addition, these emails are coming from the Internet with an internal FROM domain, something our spam filtering frowns upon and causes coworkers to doubt the origins of the email.

    From comments on the developers website, it appears they considered this issue over a year ago and have so far decided to not make any changes.

    Anyone else notice this? Does it bother anyone else?

    04-02-2011 01:21 PM