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    I am one half of a team of developers who made an app called Glow. It is an app that allows you to share how you are feeling and what you are feeling that about. To other users. It is tied into foursquare for venus and has different categories like food etc... Anyway the point of the app is essentially realtime ratings. We want a way for people to share how they are feeling with those around them so you can open up the map or AR view and see what's going on around you right now it integrates with your facebook and allows you to share this info if you want with your friends. The problem is that this may sound cool and all but it needs users a lot of users for it to be at all usefull. Chicken or the egg problem.

    Anyway please check it out.


    and let us know how you feel.
    03-31-2011 03:11 PM

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